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Revolutionary Aquaculture Technology

RAS technology enables the most sustainable, safe, controlled and traceable environment for the production of fish and seafood. It creates an environmentally-conscience platform. That helps producing fresh and natural fish.

RAS Facility Building Render

(RAS) technology is one of the fastest growing branches of aquaculture. In Norway, it’s predicted that 130 -150 thousand tons of salmon will be farmed with RAS technology by 2024.

The cost of new cage farm permits and salmon sea lice is driving the more cost efficient RAS technology forward.

RAS Facility Water Cleaning

Due to the cleaning process RAS farms are considered much more environmentally friendly than a cage farm, all the waste products from RAS can be used in biogas production or as fertilizers in agriculture.

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To minimize the cost of heating water in a RAS farm, 99% of the water flow is recirculating within the farm in the recirculating process, RAS uses biological and mechanical filters to clean the water from partials and other chemical waste products from the fish so that the water can be pumped back to the fish tanks.

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