This is Cold Lake

In the northern parts of Sweden, and with the latest technology, we produce healthy, tasty and environmentally friendly Arctic Char.

Northern Sweden in foggy environment

High up in Northern Scandinavia, away from city life and settlement, there is a lake. This lake has crystal clear naturally drinkable water, surrounded by a fairytale mountain scenery and wild nature.

Arctic Char jumping out of the water
Fished Arctic Char

Discover the treasure hidden in our waters - the Arctic Char. This delicious fish requires the perfect living conditions to thrive and its taste and texture are unmatched by any other species. Enjoy the best of nature with every bite of our Arctic Char.

Cold Lake's Arctic Char packaging illustrations

When this fish is nurtured by the correct environmentally sustainable method, in the right water and prepared within two hours of capture you get KALLSJÖRÖDING. A product one must try to understand its superiority.


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