The location

The lake that is located perfectly geographically

Located close to Östersund and Trondheim in Norway, the Arctic Char will feed and grow in the crystal clear and clean water from lake Kallsjön.

We have decided to honor the lake by naming our product Kallsjöröding

When we were looking for the perfect location for the facility, Kallsjön immediately caught our attention. It is Sweden's 8th largest lake in terms of water volume. The lake has a fantastic water quality and it is known that fish that live in this lake have a especially good taste.

Foggy lake in northern Sweden

Kall is a small village located on the shoreline of Lake Kallsjön. As so many small villages in Sweden, urbanisation has during the years depopulated Kall. As a result, small businesses, local schools and shops has slowly shut down or moved to more urban areas.

Apart from the love for Arctic Char, Cold Lake has a strong commitment to bring life back to rural communities. The local community have backed our vision and in return we will work alongside all the beautiful people of Kall in hope of injecting even more life to the village.

Kall lake


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