Cold Lake receives approval from the European Investment Bank

Nov 10, 2023

Cold Lake is thrilled to announce that European Investment Bank (EIB) has decided to finance a substantial part of our future Land- based (RAS) fish farm in Kall. The farm will produce 4000 tonnes of Arctic Char and will through the RAS- technology be able to make use of our waste products and put them back into the circle of life.

When we close our current fundraising process, and subject to finalising the loan agreement, up to EUR 28 million will be available from EIB.

We at Cold Lake would like to thank the EIB- team for a very professional and smooth process and we look forward to get started.

For more information, please see the publication on EIB’s website at COLD LAKE SUSTAINABLE ARCTIC CHAR (IEU GT) (

Andreas Ericson, CEO Cold Lake